Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Debunked:Top 4 Myths about Digital Dentures

In general, it takes people time to get used to new things. But just because people are hesitant to try new things doesn’t mean they aren’t worth trying. Take for example, AvaDent’s digital dentures.
  • More Expensive
Contrary to popular belief, digital dentures are not necessarily more expensive than regular dentures! While it is true that the price of traditional dentures may initially be cheaper, they often have to be replaced, either because they don’t fit comfortably, they don’t look authentic, or they break down.
  • Unnatural Looking
Many patients also believe that digital dentures look the same as traditional dentures, when in fact, since digital dentures are not limited to pre-manufactured teeth, they can be individually shaped (by using soon to be available Signature Teeth™) to provide a much more natural and personalized appearance.
  • Take Longer to Make
Digital dentures take just 5 business days to make and place (from the first appointment to placement at the second appointment), while traditional dentures can often take up to 30 days or more.
  • No Different than Regular Dentures
In addition to all other benefits, AvaDent’s digital dentures are also thinner, lighter, stronger, better fitting, and more bio-hygienic than regular dentures.

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